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Radio salil spray solucion para pulverizacion cutanea , 1 envase a presión de 130 ml


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What is Radios Salil spray 130 ml and what is it for?

Radios Salil spray provides fast and effective relief of muscular and joint pain.

Radios Salil spray provides relief from muscle and joint pain through faster application, especially for sportsmen and women and for treating injuries caused by sudden movements or poor warm-up. Radio Salil spray 

The spray solution offers a faster treatment, as the application is lighter and does not require subsequent massage for absorption. It must be taken into account that it is a medicine, so it is recommended to use it under medical supervision.

Who is Radio Salil spray indicated for?

Radio Salil spray is mainly indicated for sportsmen and women who need effective relief from muscular or joint injuries, as its application is quick and easy and its effect is immediate.

How do I use Radio Salil spray?

The application is very simple and quick, you should put the spray applicator about 20 centimetres from the injured area and apply a dose, the area will immediately begin to redden, due to its rubefacient effect.

Pharmacist's recommendation on Radio Salil Spray:

It should be noted that if the pain does not subside, a doctor should be consulted so that a specialist can assess the injury. It is essential, especially for those people who do daily sporting activities, to follow certain guidelines before each training session, as not carrying out a daily warm-up routine can cause injuries that may be incurable in the long term, and this means that physical exercise cannot be carried out with the best results. A muscle injury can reduce muscle capacity and atrophy movements.

If you have any questions about application or other questions about Radio Salil spray, you can ask our pharmacists at Farmaciacheca.

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