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Fisiogen ferro forte sachets 30 sachets

Fisiogen ferro forte sachets 30 sachets


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Fisiogen Ferro Forte 30 Sachets. Sucrosomal iron food supplement useful to cover iron deficiency or in the case of increased needs of this nutrient. It has an exclusive technology that allows the Sucrosome-coated iron to be absorbed directly in the intestine, passing through the gastric environment without coming into contact with it. Fisiogen Ferro Forte can be found in our online pharmacy FarmaciaCheca.



Fisiogen Ferro Forte 30 Sachets. It is indicated for different stages of life, such as during pregnancy, when there is a much more intense demand in women, during lactation because there are constant drops and in situations where it is expected that the body needs more and it is necessary to raise the level of iron in the blood. You can also take fisiogen ferro forte when menstruation is very heavy and there is blood loss.



Fisiogen Ferro Forte 30 Sachets. FarmaciaCheca recommends taking one sachet a day, taking the contents of the sachet without dissolving it in water.

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