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Meritene chocolate 30 sachets

Meritene chocolate 30 sachets


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Meritene Chocolate 30 Sachets x 30 Grs. It is a soluble shake with a delicious chocolate flavour. It is formulated with milk proteins and enriched with vitamins and minerals. It helps to supplement the diet of people with lack of appetite, involuntary weight loss, insufficient food and/or increased nutritional requirements. One sachet provides:

* Magnesium and vitamins B1, B2. B6 and B12, reduce tiredness and fatigue and provide energy and vitality.

* Calcium and vitamin D, which help to maintain bones.

* Folic acid, iron, selenium, zinc and vitamin C help the immune system to function normally.

* Zinc and vitamin A, maintain normal vision.

* Proteins contribute to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

Meritene Chocolate 30 Sachets x 30 Grs can be found in our online pharmacy Farmaciacheca.



Meritene Chocolate 30 Sachets x 30 Grs. is indicated for active adults who want to regain strength and vitality. It is ideal to take at any time of the day. It helps to reduce tiredness, fatigue or lack of energy. Contains sweetener. Gluten free. Contains no added sugars.



Meritene Chocolate 30 Sachets x 30 g. Farmaciacheca recommends taking 1 or 2 sachets a day. Preparation: Pour the sachet into a glass of water or semi-skimmed milk (cold or hot) and stir until completely dissolved. If not consumed at the time of preparation, store in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

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