Radio salil antiinflamatorio crema ,...
Radio salil antiinflamatorio crema ,...
Radio salil antiinflamatorio crema ,...

Radio salil antiinflamatorio crema , 1 tubo de 60 g

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Local symptomatic relief of muscular and joint pain: lumbago, torticollis, small sports and overexertion injuries.

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What is Radio Salil anti-inflammatory cream 60g and what is it for?

Radio Salil cream 60g provides relief for both muscles and joints that have suffered some kind of injury.

Radio Salil cream 60g has a rubefacient effect and provides rapid relief from muscular or joint pain, even from a slight sprain. It is used above all to quickly soothe the pain that can be caused by a contracture or lower back pain.

It has an almost immediate soothing effect. This medicine consists of methyl salicylate, menthol, salicylic acid, camphor and methyl nicotinate and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. If after the application of this product there are no symptoms of improvement, it is important to see a specialist.

Who is Radio Salil creme 60 g suitable for?

Radio Salil cream 60 g is indicated for patients suffering from injuries or muscle pain, its soothing and anti-inflammatory effect offers a fairly rapid muscle analgesic. The 60 g cream is indicated for those who do not use the cream with special emphasis, but for occasional pain.

How do I use Radio Salil cream 60 g?

Its application is very simple, just apply a small amount of the product and massage the contents in a circular motion, so the cream will be better absorbed and penetrate the pores of the skin, applying an immediate soothing effect.

Pharmacist's recommendation about Radio Salil creme 30 gr:

To avoid or reduce joint or muscle pain it is essential to maintain a healthy weight, which does not make our body carry excess weight, maintain an active and orderly life, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption and maintaining good posture both at work and at home, without making sudden and poorly executed movements.

Whenever you need to ask a question about Radio Salil cream 60 gr you can consult the pharmacists at Farmaciacheca.

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