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Donnaplus intimate flora 14 capsules

Donnaplus intimate flora 14 capsules


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Donnaplus Flora Intima 14 Caps. Food supplement that combines the presence of probiotics (Lactobacilli) and prebiotics (Frutcooligosaccharides) to promote the balance of the vaginal flora and inhibit the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria to help prevent infectious processes. It helps to relieve discomfort related to dysbiosis such as discomfort and itching. Donnaplus Flora Intima you can find it in our online pharmacy FarmaciaCheca



Donnaplus Flora Intima 14 Caps. Symbiotic food supplement designed to restore the balance of the vaginal flora. It is administered orally being more convenient to use. It favours the prevention of repeated vaginal infections and can act as an adjuvant to antibiotic treatment.


Donnaplus Flora Intima 14 Caps. Take 2 capsules a day for at least one week with a glass of water, preferably half an hour before meals.

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