Heliocare pack ultra d 60 caps

Heliocare pack ultra d 60 caps


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Heliocare Ultra-d Duplo 2x30 Capsules is a solar nutricosmetic product in the form of vitamin D-based capsules, designed for use in people seeking extra sun protection. It is ideal for increasing protection, neutralising and regenerating the skin against sun damage, with notable effectiveness from the first dose.

Its main and patented ingredient Fernblock has proven photo-immunoprotective, antioxidant and sun damage repairing efficacy. It is combined in the formula with other ingredients that reinforce its antioxidant and photoprotective activity: vitamins C and E, lycopene and lutein.


Heliocare Ultra D 60 Capsules Pack. Suitable for skin with particular intolerance to the sun, sun allergies, polymorphic light eruption, very light phototypes, skin spots, photosensitising treatments.



Pack Heliocare Ultra D 60 Capsules. Farmachecaonline recommends taking one capsule daily before sun exposure. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. During sun exposure it is important to apply a suitable topical sunscreen. 


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