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Isdin cicapost cream 50g

Isdin cicapost cream 50g


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Isdin Cicapost Cream 50g

Repairing cream. Indicated to accelerate and improve the healing process. Helps reduce pigmentation.

Isdin Cicapost Cream contains rosehip and vitamin E acetate that promote the repair of scar tissue. It also reduces itching and manages to reinforce the barrier action thanks to its content in dexpanthenol. It provides elasticity to the skin due to its formulation with centella asiatica tritepenes and glycerin.

Isdin is a brand specialized in dermatological care. It is one of the best positioned in the market due to the quality of its cosmetics. Scars can leave unsightly marks, so it is necessary to take care of the healing process. That is why this cream is especially recommended for post-scar treatment.

Who is it indicated for?

It is indicated for people who have a wound and want to avoid scar marks, that is why it is a specific post-scar treatment.

How is it used?

It is applied three times a day on the skin gently massaging the affected area until Cicapost Isdin Cream is completely absorbed. It should be applied to dry and clean skin.

Pharmacist's recommendation:

You can buy Isdin Cicapost Cicapost Cream at a good price in the online parapharmacy DosFarma. This brand has a wide range of creams and sunscreens for the care and protection of the skin. You can buy Isdin Cicapost Cream and any other product in Farmaciacheca. People who have used Isdin cosmetics have been satisfied with the result, because they have obtained good results. This product should be avoided in contact with wounds, and should not be used once the healing process has begun. Isdin Cicapost Cream arouses positive opinions.

If you have any questions about this product or any other product of any other brand, do not hesitate to consult with the pharmacists of Farmaciacheca.

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