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Aboca Fitonasal Pediatric Nebulizer...

Aboca Fitonasal Pediatric Nebulizer Spray 125 ml


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Aboca Fitonasal Pediatric Nebulizer Spray 125 ml


Fitonasal Pediatric is indicated in all cases of congestion and irritation of the nasal passages due to flu syndromes, colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, both acute and chronic.

It can also be used as an adjuvant treatment for coughs and sore throats caused by post nasal discharge and otitis media resulting from nasal congestion.

Ideal for frequent use.

The product is suitable for children from 6 months of age. 

The product exerts a deep cleansing action of the nasal passages that eliminates excess mucus and the pathogenic, irritating and allergenic agents trapped in it (viruses, bacteria, smoke, pollution, pollens, irritating substances, etc.) and a decongestant action with a dual non-drug mechanism.

Instructions for use:

From 6 months to one year of age:

1. Place the child on its side, insert the applicator into the upper nostril and dispense the product.

2. Repeat the operation in the other nostril, placing the child on the other side.

From one year of age:

1. Insert the applicator into one nostril and apply light pressure for a few seconds.

2. Clean the child's nose or, if possible, help him/her to blow his/her nose. Repeat the nebulisation in the other nostril.

After each use, wipe the applicator with a clean, damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

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