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Estromineral serena plus 30 tablets

Estromineral serena plus 30 tablets


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Estromineral Serena Plus 30 Comp. Food supplement that meets the needs of women during the menopause. Formulated based on:

Soya isoflavones: When they are ingested and reach the intestine they are transformed into active components.

Probiotic lactic elements; produces glycosides that transform the soya isoflavones into active ingredients.

Agnocast; relieves menopausal symptoms and helps to restore well-being.

Magnolia; Contributes to physical well-being.

Vitamin D3; improves calcium absorption.

Calcium; improves neuronal transmission, regulates nerve and muscle function.

Magnesium; regulates the nervous and muscular mechanism.

Vitamin D3, Calcium and Magnesium; improves bones.

Estromineral Serena Plus 30 Comp. You can find it in our online pharmacy farmaciaCheca.



Estromineral Serena Plus 30 tabs. Indicated to meet the needs of women.



Estromineral Serena Plus 30 tabs Take 1 tablet daily. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.  Free of gluten, lactose and GMOs.

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