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Vitis baby gel gum balm 30ml + thimble

Vitis baby gel gum balm 30ml + thimble


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Soothe your baby during teething with Vitis Baby Gum Balm Gel 30ml

Put an end to baby's discomfort during teething.

Vitis Baby Gum Balm Gel 30ml is a gel that helps soothe the discomfort that babies suffer during the teething process. It has a neutral flavour. This product has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestive properties on babies' gums. At the same time, it protects and strengthens the gums, as well as the oral mucosa. It provides freshness and soothes the discomfort caused by tooth eruption.

Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for the youngest members of the family, from 5 months of age.

How is it applied?

Take a dose with your fingertips, which must be clean, and apply to your child's gums whenever he/she complains. If necessary, it can be applied up to 6 times a day....

Pharmacist's recommendation:

It is recommended to keep this product stored in a cool, safe place, out of reach of small children in the house. Remember to keep the container tightly closed to avoid spillage or contamination.

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