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Hyabak 10 ml.

Hyabak 10 ml.

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HYABAK SOLUCIÓN ESTERIL 10 ML is an ophthalmic product in the form of a solution that relieves dry eyes and eye dryness. It contains hyaluronic acid 0.15%, an ocular lubricant that moisturises and soothes the eyes . HYABAK is an effective choice for daily eye care, improving eye comfort and hydration.

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Hyabak Solution 10 ml. It is a hypotonic solution, moisturizer and lubricant for eyes and contact lenses. Its formula combines hyaluronic acid (hydrates and lubricates) and actinoquinol (agent with anti-UV properties).

It is ideal for:

- Moisten and lubricate the eye when there is feeling of dry eye or eye fatigue induced by external factors such as wind, pollution, dust, dry heat, air conditioning, air currents during travel, prolonged work with computer screens.

- For contact lens wearers, it allows them to lubricate and hydrate the lens, making it easier to put on or take off, and providing comfort in wearing them during the day.

Hyabak Solution 10 ml can be found in our online pharmacy Farmacheca.



Hyabak Solution 10 ml. Suitable for eyes and contact lenses. Contains no preservatives. 


- Sodium hyaluronate 0,15g.

- Sodium chloride, actinoquinol, trometamol, hydrochloric acid, water for injection up to 10ml.



Hyabak Solution 10 ml. Farmacheca recommends placing 1 drop in each eye. Use as many times as necessary.

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