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Hylo gel 10 ml

Hylo gel 10 ml

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Hylo gel. Artificial tears, preservative-free and phosphate-free, formulated with 0.20% hyaluronic acid to improve lubrication of the ocular surface in eyes. 

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Hylo Gel is a sterile lubricating eye drop indicated for therapeutic, intensive lubrication of the ocular surface in severe and persistent situations of dry eye sensation including treatment after surgical procedures. Hylo Gel can be found in our online pharmacy Farmacheca.



Hylo Gel is a lubricating eye drop compatible with all types of lenses indicated for persistent dryness of the eye or after surgical interventions or injuries to the eye. It contains the salt of hyaluronic acid (2mg/ml) which forms a lubricating, regular, stable and long-lasting moisturising film on the ocular surface.



Hylo Gel. Remove the cap and keep the bottle upside down. Lean on the other hand and press down on the bottom of the bottle. Once opened, it can be used for 6 months.

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