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Perspirex hand and foot lotion100 ml

Perspirex hand and foot lotion100 ml

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Perspirex Lotion 100 ml. Effective antiperspirant developed to control excessive hand and foot perspiration.

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Perspirex Lotion 100 ml. Effective antiperspirant lotion with carefully selected ingredients to inhibit the annoying moisture and odour that sweat produces on hands and feet. Its effect disappears after a few days, having been eliminated by the natural process of skin renewal. You can find Perspirex lotion in our Farmacicheca online pharmacy.


Perspirex Lotion 100 ml. An effective antiperspirant designed to control excessive sweating on the hands and feet. You will be able to keep sweat at bay. Its formula is fragrance-free, preservative-free and does not stain clothing. Suitable for both men and women.


Perspirex lotion 100 ml. Farmaciacheca recommends applying at night to the palms of the hands and / or soles of the feet completely dry and free of cuts and abrasions, rinsing the next morning with soap and water. For hair removal, we recommend waiting 3 days for the skin to heal before applying Perspirex. Apply 2 or 3 days in a row and then reduce the frequency of application to once or twice a week.

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