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Ibuprofen Ibudol 400 mg 20 Film-coated Tablets


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Ibuprofen Ibudol 400 mg 20 Film-coated Tablets 

What is Ibudol? 

Ibudol tablets is a medicine whose active ingredient is ibuprofen. It is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. It works by reducing pain and fever. 

What is Ibudol used for?  

Ibudol 400 mg tablets are indicated for adults and adolescents over 12 years of age and weighing more than 40 kg to reduce fever and for the symptomatic relief of occasional mild or moderate pain, such as:  



Menstrual pain.

Muscular pain such as contractures or back pain such as lumbago.  

How to take Ibudol

Follow the instructions on the package leaflet or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


Use the lowest effective dose, in the shortest time necessary to relieve your symptoms. 


If you have an infection, consult a doctor immediately if fever and pain continue or worsen. 

The recommended dose is for adults and adolescents, weighing more than 40 kg, aged 12 years and over: 1 tablet of 400 mg every 6 to 8 hours, if necessary.   

Do not take more than 3 tablets in 24 hours, equivalent to 1,200 mg.


Children and adolescents


Not recommended for children and adolescents weighing less than 40 kg, as it is not suitable for their recommended dosage.


Patients over 65 years of age


Dosage is to be established by the doctor. They may need a reduction of the usual dose, as they are more prone to adverse effects.


Patients with mild to moderate kidney, liver or heart disease: Initial dose should be reduced.


Patients with severe kidney, liver or heart disease: Should not use.


It is administered orally. If you usually suffer from an upset stomach, you should take the medicine with milk or during meals. 

Before taking Ibudol tablets

You will find the contraindications of Ibudol and detailed warnings in the package leaflet in the attached tab.


Using Ibudol with other medicines


Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines that do not require a prescription. Ibudol can affect or be affected by other medicines, the interactions of Ibudol are listed in the package leaflet in full detail.


Interference with laboratory tests


The ibuprofen in Ibudol may interfere with laboratory tests. If you are going to have any diagnostic tests, blood tests, urine tests, skin tests using allergens, tell your doctor that you are taking Ibudol, as this may affect the result.


Taking Ibudol with food, drink and alcohol


You can take it on its own, or with food, but it is recommended to take it with food or milk, to reduce the chance of stomach upset. 


Pregnancy, lactation and fertility


If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, think you may be pregnant, or intend to become pregnant, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.




In pregnancy and women of childbearing age, ibuprofen-type medicines are associated with an increased risk of congenital abnormalities, miscarriages, abortions. 

congenital anomalies, miscarriages. 


It is not recommended during the first and second trimester of pregnancy, unless strictly necessary. In this case the dose and duration should be limited to a minimum.


In the third trimester ibuprofen is contraindicated. It may cause heart and kidney problems in your unborn baby. It may predispose you or your baby to bleeding and delay or lengthen labour more than expected. 




Patients of childbearing age should be aware that ibuprofen-type medications are associated with a decreased ability to conceive.




Only small amounts of the medicine pass into breast milk, it is recommended not to take ibuprofen for prolonged periods during lactation.


Driving and using machines


If you experience dizziness, dizziness, impaired vision or other symptoms when taking ibuprofen, do not drive or use dangerous machinery. If you take only one dose of ibuprofen, or for a short period of time, no special precautions are necessary. 

Composition of Ibudol 400 mg 20 Tablets 

Active substance: Ibuprofen. Each tablet contains 400 mg ibuprofen.

Other ingredients in the tablet core: maize starch, pregelatinised maize starch, microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silica dioxide and magnesium stearate. 

Other coating components: Macrogol 8000, cellulose derivative, polyoxyl 40 stearate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide and propylene glycol. 

What Ibudol tablets look like 


White, smooth, round tablets, without grooves. Packed in PVC/Aluminium blister packs of 20 tablets.


Ibudol tablets leaflet: you will find it in the attached tab, please read it carefully.


Ibudol buy: you can buy Ibudol online at Farmaciacheca, as this medicine does not require a prescription.


Ibudol 400 mg 20 Film-coated Tablets is a product whose Marketing Authorisation Holder is Kern Pharma, S.L.

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